Friday, August 31, 2012

{Last Day of BEDA!?}

I can't believe that it's the last day of BEDA! This month just went by way too fast. I'm also 35 weeks pregnant! I'm sorry that I don't have an awesome post planned for today I actually completely forgot about it lol. I've also been trying to get the apartment ready for 20+ women to be here tomorrow for the baby shower.

I'm thinking we're going to be having Fairy soon.  I've started to show the signs for the final stretch! I think it'll happen in a week or two {hopefully} with how much as happened.  Two days ago my pelvis separated.  I've been a little sick to my stomach, I started loosing my plug, my braxton hicks have picked up a LOT and have started to hurt {I know that they're BHs because they go away if I sit or lay down.}  My body has started to flush itself out too, and I've been cramping for the past few days, I also had one contraction last night while I was playing with Princess and Hubs.  My dr isn't worried if I have her now that I'm 35 weeks he says aim for 37 but it's fine if I go at anytime.

35 days until the due date {if I make it that far lol.}

I've actually been sleeping horribly but I'm so so tired. I can't get comfortable at all and I have to prop my legs up with pillows because my legs start swelling.  I've also been getting up alot at night to go to the bathroom.

She's still a girl I hope but if she isn't I thankfully have some boy clothes LOL.

Clothes are so uncomfortable to wear but I still have a few that I will wear for long periods of time thankfully otherwise I don't know what I would do.

My wedding rings are around my neck with my cross. I really wish I can wear my rings I don't like not having them on.

I've been so emotional too.  I feel so bad for Hubs and Princess having to put up with it lol.

She's slowed down a little bit but she's also running out of room too so I'm not too worried because she will move around if I make her.

I've mostly been craving sweets.  It's been awful but I'm finally caught up on my weight!! I'm now at 142 pounds!

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