Friday, August 10, 2012

{32 Weeks!}

I started thinking about this past year so far and it seems like it was only yesterday that we found out we were pregnant again.  Hubs told me this morning that made me stop. "Can you believe in a little under two months we will be holding her?"

It's surprising just how fast time is just flying by!

32 weeks pregnant

Sleep: It feels like I can't get enough sleep!
Gender: Girl!!
Belly Button: out
Rings: rockin the rock still!
Clothes: found a couple more that don't fit but I make myself a skirt out of an old maxi dress this morning because it's only 9 am and it's already 82 outside.
Emotions: I've actually been crying alot this week
Movement: She's slowed down a little and she's also started hiccuping a lot lately
Looking Forward to: Baby shower on the first
Symptoms: Tired, Braxton hicks, Carpol tunnel {spelling?}, Breaking out, pain in my lower right abdomen
Cravings: Little Caesars bread sticks, mountain dew, and gyros
Weight: 135lbs

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