Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{Pinspiration: Pantry}

First off I plan on starting the pantry.  It's in use every day and I want to make it easier for everyone {not just me lol} to be able to find everything easily.

I love the idea for the paper plates! It keeps them out of the way but still in there.

I'd like to be able to but my baking spoons and various other tools so I can have extra room in our drawers with our limited space.

{Creamy Pesto Dip}

Creamy Pesto Dip

1 Container {8 oz} sour cream
1/4 cup basil pesto
chopped tomato {if desired}
Assorted fresh veggie

In a bowl Misx the sour cream and pesto until well blended . Sprinkle tomatoes over top. Serve, Dip, and Enjoy!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{Princess the Artist}

As I had said Princess decided it would be fun to color on her walls {and bed} and I had said I would post them as soon as I get a chance here they are.

{Pinspiration and BEDA}

This is just a quick post I really don't have much time today. I have been having the nesting urge lately to get organized, so I decided to start posting my Pinspiration here along with the before and after shots of whatever it was I planned on doing.  {That is whenever I finish organizing the spots.  Hubs loves the organizing idea but not so much the money spending part of it.} 

Also I've decided to do the BEDA {blog everyday in August}.  So lets hope I can do this! I will need your help to come up with different ideas so please comment and let me know what you would like to see.


29 weeks

Sleep: Sleeping a lot better finally
Gender: Still a girl
Belly Button: out
Clothes: lost a few more shirts
Wedding Rings: Still on
Emotions: Happy
Movements: getting so so strong and happening alot more often
Looking Forward to:  I really don't know right now... Having her here in less than 11 weeks?
Cravings: Gyros, Chili, pork and beans, chicken cordon bleu
Symptoms: Painful back and hips, bad break outs, mood swings, constantly hot but as before the heat wave doesn't help, Lack of appetite, braxton hicks, mother's line, dark belly button

Friday, July 20, 2012

{Blogging Tomorrow}

Again I'm coming to you from the comfort of my couch on my phone to say I'm sorry there will not be a 29 week pregnancy update or pic today I'll put them up tomorrow. I'm sick with I think the flu bleh.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

{Remember God Will Help}

I have to keep reminding myself that God will help me when I need it.  I only have to ask for it.  I managed to get everything out of Princess's room, other than the stuff in the closet, the crib, and the cradle my dad made for us. The crib and the cradle were either too big to get out or too awkward to do on my own.  Bid helped me a lot today to get this much done, and for that I'm thankful. I couldn't have done it without Him.
Next in my plans are to get the crib and the cradle out and into the nursery since that's where they're going to go anyway.
Followed by getting the crayon off the walls in there I plan on taking before and after shot of that. I actually forgot to do a before shot of the disaster she made in her room.
I also plan on either hanging her pants too with an idea I got off pinterest or to put the dresser into the closet.
I also need to figure out how to organize all her toys that are going to go back in her room.  Books are staying in the nursery since she even managed to destroy even a couple of those board books.
I also need to reorganize the closet to put her extra bedding in {I've been keeping them in the cradle}.
I have a lot to do still but I think I've done pretty well in just a few hours.

{The Terrible Two's Have Taken A Toll}

Just to warn you this post will contain a lot of ranting from the Pregnant Homemaker Neuriel.

The terrible two's just the sound of it alone can scare every parent out there.  Before they hit with Princess Hubs didn't believe in it's existence, but then they hit.

However, whenever he's home she's a lot more behaved than when he's gone. In fact, if I run out to the store really quick she's a perfect angel. {Of course *sigh*} He didn't realize the difference until I walked through the door when I came home and her attitude completely changed {still wonderful compared to when it's just Princess and I} and he was shocked and asked "Where did that attitude come from?" I told him it gets much worse when he goes to work.

Today, however, I decided I'm done.  She's been taken off the pacifier at night and nap times as of Tuesday {I figured to myself "Oh, maybe she's just acting out because of it." However, after today I'm done.  She tried to climb her dresser and one of the drawers pulled out and she fell {thankfully not too far and not the whole thing.} After that she decided to pull out all of her drawers and make a mess, followed by coloring all over the walls and doors while I picked up one mess after another, I put her down for her nap 2 hours late hoping she would be tired enough to pass out. No such luck. {FYI yes I tried disciplining her after every single one of these happenings. None seemed to work.} During nap time I sat down for a breather and I here a quite thud. After today I know to investigate every single noise I hear.  And she had fallen on her bed and the binds were messed up. Yes that's right she tried to pull or climb the binds.

SO, I'm done. I've lost all patience. I will no longer put up with the lack of respect. Nor will I be walked all over.  I think I've done well going this long honestly.  With my mood swings and such. I've decided I'm taking everything out of her room.  EVERYTHING! {Well not everything lol I'm keeping her bed and clothes in there but nothing else.} No toys. No decorations. No pictures on the walls. So I put her in the crib that is still set up in her room, gave her her pillow, blankets, and her puppy {her new security after the binky} and started pulling everything out of her room and into the nursery {no where else to put it all right now.} I will then give it back slowly if she acts well or taken away if she acts up again.

I've even decided that I'm not going to go through her toys and get rid of a few because lets face it she has too many to begin with. I've also decided this is a good time to start in on a new challenge.

I challenge myself to go through the house, room by room, and get rid of everything that we don't need.  If they're clothes they will be gone through and given a home {toss, donate, keep, crafts}, if they're toys {toss, donate, Princess, Fairy}, ect.  {However, computer type stuff is all for Hubs to go through.} I want to live a simpler way, I'm tired of the mess it's bringing me down. I'm even thinking of getting rid of all the 'Made in China" toys too, and just stick with american made or hand made items.

I keep thinking of living like that and I figure why just keep dreaming of it and finally live it already.  Why not start now?  I grew up on a hobby sized homestead and I want to do the same with my kids too.  I want to appreciate what I have and teach my children you don't need to have the newest greatest toys to be happy.  I want to teach my kids to use their imagination. What's holding me back? Nothing. So why haven't I started yet? Well this is me starting.

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Collection Inventory Thing

Sorry I'm a little late posting today I had to get my glucose test done this morning.

Anyway, after thinking about the blog post on the 4th about the aprons, and I also had dreams this morning about aprons {yes I know I'm a little sad lol}, I decided that I needed to take pictures of all of mine so far and continue to do so as my collection grows.  While taking these Fairy decided to roll out just as I was getting up from arranging an apron to take a picture, and decided she wanted to be in the shot too lol.

And yes I have all my aprons named. Their names are under their pictures along with a little about them too.  :D

 Oliver ~ My mom made this a few years ago for all the girls and women in our family for Christmas.
 Phee ~ My mom used to own also an embroidery business and this she made as a test for a customer and she gave it to me.
 Dorian ~ This one made me laugh, I actually bought this for Hubs {he's a pyromaniac} before we moved and I think he only wore it once, maybe.
 Claudia ~ This was actually one of my Great Great {Great? I can't remember if it was 2 or 3 greats} Grandma's and I love it to death!
 Annabelle ~ My mom made this for me in high school when I went on a pioneer trek and we had to dress up.
 Adrienna ~ I remember my mom having this for quite some time and she gave it to me when I got married
 Clement ~ My mom made it for me and gave it to me for Mother's Day.
 Edith ~ My mom made this when I was a little kid so I could help her bake for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I need to fix the poor thing the thread finally gave out on one side :(
 Samantha ~ Sam half of my reversible apron.
 Christina ~ Chris is the other half.
 Sandra ~ My work in progress still waiting on a new sewing machine :(
Melody ~ My favorite one right now but I'm a little scare to wear it lol. 
Gerri ~ My mom made this when her and my dad got married 40 some years ago.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Just Breathe

I have two pictures that explain today and I just have to repeat one in my head over and over to remember.

{28 weeks}

Sleep: Starting to sleep more but I've been having more nightmares
Gender: Still a girl got it reconfirmed on wednesday lol ;)
Belly Button: Out
Clothes: I have a few shirts I found that are a little too big still yay! Along with a pair of jeans I forgot about lol.
Wedding Rings: Still rockin the rock! The swelling went down.
Happy or Moody: Moody I've been so emotional this past week
Movement: Moving a ton.  She wouldn't hold still during the ultrasound.
Looking Forward Too: I'm not too sure what to look forward to that's close by but I can't wait to hold her in my arms.
Symptoms: Peeing alot, painful hip, sore breasts, pimples still, mood swings, swollen hands and feet off and on, constantly hot but the heat wave hasn't helped, lack of appetite, Braxton Hicks
Cravings: Sprite, iced coffee, green olives and chocolate chips, and chocolate pumped ice cream
Blood Pressure: 106/70
Weight: 133 {gained 3 pounds! Yay!}
Heartbeat: 146


She opened her eye!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

{The Difference Between a Homemaker and Her Husband}

So we went out and bought some food for the freezer and pantry.  After we got home I inventoried everything and handed it off to Hubs to put away in an "organized fashion" so I had one less thing to do. Well after we were done and the hamburgers were cooked I opened the pantry... 

{Yes I do have formula but I still plan to breastfeed.}

Yes it is kind of organized but for me personally I like to see what I'm working with when I cook. So, I organized it. All the while getting the "Are you nesting or are you crazy?" looks from Hubs.  Honestly I'm not too sure of the answer..

Still looks like a mess to me but at lease I can see what we have.

Next up is the freezer but that isn't as hard. 

Followed by the fridge once we get enough food in it, so it stops looking like a bachelor's that happens to like health snacks, on pay day lol.

Thankfully we go back out tomorrow lol. We never go on the same day because I get way too tired and I start hurting way too badly in my hip.