Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hey guys Happy Easter!

Hubs is dropped off and I'm feeling up to a party mood. Yes I know strong women who's husbands are in the military and I thank you for both you and your husband {or vise versa} for doing what you guys for us. Military personel for serving and spouses for staying strong without having your loved one home in your arms. Thank you. I know for a fact I would never be able to do it.

I started picking up last night and a little again this morning and I really don't have the heart to continue today.

On another note, that stupidly smart mouse, who I've named Peter {or Simon I keep going back and forth on it}, got himself stuck on a sticky pad but managed to free itself! He left a little fur on it too its how I know he got on it. Also he licked clean another spring trap, and one of the other sticky traps I missing and I'm wondering if he took off with it.

Can't sleep

So here I am laying in baled at 12:44a on Easter morning trying to fall asleep but I can't because I have to take Hubs to the airport later and its going to be the longest we've been apart since he went to visit his sister out of state while we were first dating. It's going to be a long next few days. However, I have a ton planned for this week and I will only be putting up little hints as to what until The Hubs gets home just incase he visits the blog while he's away.

Also, we have a mouse in our apartment...

I set up for traps on Friday night and baited them with peanut butter, one of their ultimate favorite snacks almost like Princess' hmm I should start calling her Mouse I'll think about that. Sorry I started typing what I was thinking and I really don't want to erase it. Just to warn you it may happen a lot tonight.

Anyways,  I bought 2 house mouse trap things and two classic spring traps and baited them with peanut butter and waited {aka went yo bed} the next morning, Saturday, I checked them. The two house ones were untouched. The two classics however, oh the sneaky little bugger, it licked completely clean! Both of them! I even dropped a piece of paper on them to test and they were working!
So I went back to the store and bought more only this time sticky ones and left out 11 traps all different kinds. I can only hope and pray we catch this stupidly smart mouse.

Went out for dinner tonight too it was so nice to get out. Princess {mouse?} was being so silly all night.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Talkative Random and a Smidgen of Self Pity

So spring has hit {if you ignore the snow we've been getting anyway} and with spring comes the spring cleaning bug. So I had put off laundry for a few weeks. Yeah I know I'm horrible I got hit with a funk and I didn't even post on here. So, anyways, I got all the laundry done in two days and as I was folding my pile of clothes {and of course I had to be on the last pile when I think of it} I decide to purge clothes I don't fit into anymore or even appropriate at my age and station in life. So I purged; and purged; and kept on purging until I realized... I had almost no clothes left. I had filled 4 garbage bags full of just my clothes to donate. I haven't even gotten to the maternity clothes yet either to get rid of the smaller items and give to a friend of mine that's next. I was shocked I went from 5 drawers of shirts to a little less than one and there are three sweaters still in that drawer so I think it's now only 4 shirts I have that fit me nicely and aren't too small, torn up, or worn down.  I even got rid of all but three of my casual dresses and kept one formal dress for Hub's work Christmas parties. I only now have 3 pairs of pants and 3 skirts {however one needs to be repaired.}

It feels nice to know that I have more room but at the same time I realize how much I ignore myself. I have boxes of clothes for Fairy that Princess grew out of and a few things that a friend of mine gave to us because they're done and their youngest outgrew. Princess has a wardrobe for the next size she'll grow into in the winter and I even bought a couple things for the size after that. I also keep up on hub's clothing shopping. Always buying him a new work shirt when I see a stain I can't get out or a tear I can't fix on an old one.  But I hardly buy or even ask for myself. I don't even really think about it. I usually would see an outfit or a shirt and think 'Oh! That's pretty.' Smile and think nothing of it afterward.  I then realized that the last things I bought myself were maternity clothes and a new coat.  I haven't even had my hair cut professionally since January of 2007. Last time I cut it myself I was pregnant with Princess 4 years ago next month.

I think to myself that I should go shopping and get myself some new clothes. I then laugh and go shopping for groceries. $185 later after buying healthy food and snacks {and a couple slurges to try out mmm soy cream like ice cream but with soy} { milk has been making me feel a little sick since I had Fairy so I started drinking soy milk}

The girls and I went shopping yesterday with my mom to our new local Trader Joe's I haven't been to one since we moved out of California when I was a teen. I had a ton of fun and now I remember why we used to go there when I was growing up.

I bought a ton of random things I even bought one of each of their reusable shopping bags. I never buy reusable shopping bags so I'm a little excited about of life changes Hubs is asking us to do. I couldn't be happier.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


So I've got everything cleared out of princess' room and I've decided since she has too much 'stuff' I will purge through her toys again. Her grandparents love to buy her toys and fun little things as does her aunt and uncle. As she only ever plays with it for a short time before it gets lost in a sea of junk again.

I also think the toys have been overwhelming for her and she also can't see what all she has to play with.

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So Princess has been refusing naps and if she doesn't sleep she's a crab the rest of the day. That said as most parents know toddlers throw tantrums. And she usually does through one when I put her down for a nap. Screaming and crying for Daddy {because he's not the evil one making her sleep} and lately she's not wanted to play with her toys. So this morning I told her if she doesn't go play with them while I folded clothes and purge my wardrobe I was going to get rid of them.

So today she sealed the deal of no toys. Not only did she not play with them but she did something she's never done before. She decided to 'repaint' and not with paint. No she used a substance that is just plain foul. She painted the wall with her poop.

"Take a picture and in 20 years you'll look back and laugh." Rince and repeat. If I can bring myself to take a picture of that.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

super busy and trying to keep up

So I've been rearranging quickly and reorganizing it slowing which in result leads to a disaster and is not recommended at all. My tip to you is to reorganize AS you rearrange.  Also, I've been taking pictures of the process.... which I'm not proud how my house looks.. and it's still bad. I can't get the pictures to the computer though so I'm going to be having to figure that out too.

On top of that we had to get our car worked on. I took it in on Thursday to two different places {I tried to go to a local place here in town but they couldn't do what was needed and ended up having to take it to the dealership} with both girls in the middle of nap time so Princess was as whiney as whiney can be of course, this is our only car {Hubs carpools to work}, I couldn't get anyone to answer their phones to come pick me up or to watch the kids for me, thankfully the dealership has a shuttle service and they gave me a ride home just as Hubs got home. They figured it would be done about 11 the next morning. So at noon the next day I called them and it wasn't done yet it should be another hour. An hour passed and I didn't hear from them so I called them back and they told me the part they needed wasn't anywhere local so they had to order it from out of state which and it would be there on Monday. So, we were stressed and needed to get away from real life for a little while and my in laws came and got the kids for the weekend and we rented a car and went 4 hours away to our friend's house and spent his birthday with him and his wife.

Then the dreaded Monday hit.

Hubs went to work like always, I had the rental car, I called the dealership about the car and they found ANOTHER thing wrong with it. So I had to wait longer and take the rental back to the place by 3pm which with the time change is during nap time. So I get the kids in the car and go to take the car back and I can't find the place. I look and look and I even turn around and make the drive three times by this time I'm near tears and stressed beyond belief from the past month. So, I call Hubs and tell him and he had me go home he doesn't care about getting charged an extra day and so I did and on the way back I called again to check on the car and finally, FINALLY it's done thankfully one of my friends had just gotten off work and went with me to pick it up while the I drove the rental back home. So for the first time we had two cars it was weird lol. 

That night Fairy didn't want to sleep at all. Finally, suck her in the swing and laid on the couch watching Torchwood while she played until finally around midnight she fell alseep. Being the person I am didn't want to move her because I know she'd wake up if I did so I think about 2:30a she woke up to eat and I put her down then and she slept like a log until about 11 the next morning. Got the rental turned in that day after I finally figured out where to go and I got home at a good time. Made tacos and slept horribly. But then again that's normal for me lol. 

Tonight, we're taking the girls back other to my in laws for the night because our anniversary is tomorrow and we're having our date night tonight. I'm so excited we haven't had a date just the two of us and no one else in a long time.

Also, among this Princess thought it would be fun to cut her hair.  Again.