Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So Princess has been refusing naps and if she doesn't sleep she's a crab the rest of the day. That said as most parents know toddlers throw tantrums. And she usually does through one when I put her down for a nap. Screaming and crying for Daddy {because he's not the evil one making her sleep} and lately she's not wanted to play with her toys. So this morning I told her if she doesn't go play with them while I folded clothes and purge my wardrobe I was going to get rid of them.

So today she sealed the deal of no toys. Not only did she not play with them but she did something she's never done before. She decided to 'repaint' and not with paint. No she used a substance that is just plain foul. She painted the wall with her poop.

"Take a picture and in 20 years you'll look back and laugh." Rince and repeat. If I can bring myself to take a picture of that.

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