Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Talkative Random and a Smidgen of Self Pity

So spring has hit {if you ignore the snow we've been getting anyway} and with spring comes the spring cleaning bug. So I had put off laundry for a few weeks. Yeah I know I'm horrible I got hit with a funk and I didn't even post on here. So, anyways, I got all the laundry done in two days and as I was folding my pile of clothes {and of course I had to be on the last pile when I think of it} I decide to purge clothes I don't fit into anymore or even appropriate at my age and station in life. So I purged; and purged; and kept on purging until I realized... I had almost no clothes left. I had filled 4 garbage bags full of just my clothes to donate. I haven't even gotten to the maternity clothes yet either to get rid of the smaller items and give to a friend of mine that's next. I was shocked I went from 5 drawers of shirts to a little less than one and there are three sweaters still in that drawer so I think it's now only 4 shirts I have that fit me nicely and aren't too small, torn up, or worn down.  I even got rid of all but three of my casual dresses and kept one formal dress for Hub's work Christmas parties. I only now have 3 pairs of pants and 3 skirts {however one needs to be repaired.}

It feels nice to know that I have more room but at the same time I realize how much I ignore myself. I have boxes of clothes for Fairy that Princess grew out of and a few things that a friend of mine gave to us because they're done and their youngest outgrew. Princess has a wardrobe for the next size she'll grow into in the winter and I even bought a couple things for the size after that. I also keep up on hub's clothing shopping. Always buying him a new work shirt when I see a stain I can't get out or a tear I can't fix on an old one.  But I hardly buy or even ask for myself. I don't even really think about it. I usually would see an outfit or a shirt and think 'Oh! That's pretty.' Smile and think nothing of it afterward.  I then realized that the last things I bought myself were maternity clothes and a new coat.  I haven't even had my hair cut professionally since January of 2007. Last time I cut it myself I was pregnant with Princess 4 years ago next month.

I think to myself that I should go shopping and get myself some new clothes. I then laugh and go shopping for groceries. $185 later after buying healthy food and snacks {and a couple slurges to try out mmm soy cream like ice cream but with soy} { milk has been making me feel a little sick since I had Fairy so I started drinking soy milk}

The girls and I went shopping yesterday with my mom to our new local Trader Joe's I haven't been to one since we moved out of California when I was a teen. I had a ton of fun and now I remember why we used to go there when I was growing up.

I bought a ton of random things I even bought one of each of their reusable shopping bags. I never buy reusable shopping bags so I'm a little excited about of life changes Hubs is asking us to do. I couldn't be happier.


  1. I wish we had a Trader Joe's where I live now - We had in my hometown and I miss shopping there!! Dang girl...way to clean out that closet - I need to take a page out of your book and do that myself!

    1. I was insanely happy when I heard they were building one here. 10 years of living here and I finally got to go back.

      It was hard to do I had the hardest time narrowing down the maybe pile because I put shirts I was in love with but I knew would never fit for the rest of my life. I completely recomend it. it makes you feel good and less guilty if you happen to buy yourself something to wear LOL. As a warning though if you are left with only a little like me it makes getting dressed hard when you don't feel like wearing what you've got left.