Sunday, June 23, 2013

Keeping my head up

It's still been so so rough lately still if it isn't one thing it's another and it's all I can do to keep my head up and looking forward.

Again, I'm doing this on my phone so im sorry if the format is still horrible.

I've been in the process of changing the entire apartment {again} and I'll try and remember to take more pictures of it all as I work. {Even when the place looks like a tornado, earthquake, and various other disasters happened} it's so so horrible to look at.

As it is midnight and I haven't slept since 3am yesterday morning I am going to bed. However, I will share a picture that's been getting me through everything and I can only hope it will help you as well.

Jamie {Neuriel}

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Picture Saturday

The last photo was of my niece's baby's blessing with my dad just a couple days after he got out of the hospital

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Busy in the land of us

Oh man we've been busy! I'm sorry for the hiatus!  Everything just happened all at once and it's STARTING to finally calm down. We still have a little bit to go but it's a lot calmer than it was. I also apologize this will be in a paragraph because no matter how much I try I can't get the body to format into multiple paragraphs on my phone so I will fix it as soon as I get a chance to the computer. Until then I'm sorry.

So first off my oldest niece had her baby sweetest thing ever but a couple weeks after she had the baby she had to get surgery on her gallbladder so we've been helping with that she's recovering nicely

Also, finding out that my cat had cancer on her lip and so she got put to sleep because they also found tumors down her throat and started into her stomach my poor baby.

Closely following that my parents moved and we were helping with that

Then my dad got sent to the hospital the airlifted to another hospital for bleeding in his brain on both sides. They said that it had been bleeding for about two to three weeks and was still bleeding when that had sent him to the hospital. Thankfully, they got the bleeding to stop on his right side and drained. However, they said they didn't do the left because they think it'll correct itself.

Then an inspector looking at my parents' new home found black mold in the back two rooms so the day mydad got released from the hospital we were moving them back over to their old place and they sold the new home.

So thankfully we've also got some breaks to ourselves between everything too. I think because of that we didn't loose our minds.

So that's it so far. Glad to be back even though I should be sleeping