Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{Need to Run Errands...}

but it's just so cold out there. And it's been snowing all weekend and still snowing today. And yes I know I'm whining and making excuses.

But look at it this was taken an hour ago during a break in the storm. {10:30am} And now it's snowing like no tomorrow. Again. But we have no food for dinner tonight and I really really need to go get it. As well as the rest of the week's dinner stuff I don't have.

But now we are bundled up and ready to go.

I couldn't get a picture of Princess as she is currently running away from me everytime I go to take her picture. 

So instead here is another one of Fairy.

Also I forgot to say Monday was my birthday! The most exciting thing was me was either: going to the grocery store alone or my friend bringing me cheesecake because I forgot to buy a birthday cake while I was at the store. My life is so exciting. 

However, the day before my sister came over and gave me my gifts. A beautiful necklace I only took off to take a picture of it, a delicious chocolate bar, and a Willow Tree figurine {I collect them.}

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I try not to get angry and take it out on Facebook, people, or my blog. However, there are some things that chaps my hide. Yes, I'm a stay at home mom. Yes, I'm a homemaker. I chose to raise my own children. We sacrificed a lot for this lifestyle. The thing that really gets me riled up is how stay at home mothers are treated by other people. Mostly, other women. Saying I'm a stay at home mom is an admission that may elevate or denigrate me, depending on who I’m talking to. I know what I do doesn't pay me with money to buy the newest and greatest toy. It pays me to watch my children grow up. To see their firsts. To be the one they go to when they need someone. The days when I'm on here a lot are the days that one, or both girls are cuddly or sick and want to be held. I'm proud of what I do. If you're proud that you work, wonderful! I don't look down on you at all. If you have to work to provide for your family, that's amazing. We're all providing for our family's. But the next person that says “Oh, that’s right – you don’t work" to me, will probably get a roundhouse kick to the throat.I really don’t know what’s more insulting; the notion that I don’t work or the idea that taking care of kids all day is some kind of vacation. Despite what people may think. I can’t control when and if I will sleep, return a phone call, or even shower without committing an act of child neglect. There are no sick days, no breaks, no vacation time. Yes, to some it may seem silly that some of use schedule time to drink some water, but some of us need it to remember to keep hydrated so we can continue chasing after kids, and picking up the same mess that we just picked up a couple minutes ago. And let me just take a minute to say that those of us in the SAHM {stay at home mom} ranks who are young {or look young}, who didn't go to college, or who don’t have a lot of money, are often treated with such little respect that it makes me want to run into the forest and do an angry dance. To the jackbags who ask me things like: “What do you do all day?” Do you know what that question really means people? It means, "I think I’m better than you." Coming from most mouths anyway, some genuinely want to know. I choose to be a stay at home mom. I am penned up in the monkey house all day long. But in that smelly monkey house are the moments that make everything worth it. That moment once or twice a day, when the kids show that they're turning into awesome little people. And I get to see it. Just before they started throwing tantrums and throwing toys around. I will not tolerate being looked down on. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

random update

I spent the day out and about yesterday and poor Princess was exhusted by the end of it. Thankfully the girls were spending time with grandma all day so I think they had a ton of fun.
I picked them up and I went to go get Hubs from work 
Princess pasted out she's so cute isn't she.

Also, she's been so O.C.D. I can't remember if I've posted what all she's done but here is her latest yesterday night.

On a bittersweet note Fairy is now in 3-6 months.
She's getting so big!
You never realized what they mean when they say "Blink and they're all grown up."
I completely freak myself out because Princess is three and by the time Fairy hits three Princess will be six and starting kindergarden here.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life's Getting Away!

Life is getting so busy and it's been getting away from me! Oh no!

I'm sorry for the not posting-ness however I will try to do better but I really can't promise anything at the moment.

Here is a video I loved and got me through yesterday :D I love love love iisuperwomanii

Friday, January 18, 2013

Why doesn't the posts go out

I set the post up to go out last night but it won't go out at the right times or at all makes me annoyed

It's a Thursday

Lol if you didn't already know, it is. So anyway, Fairy had another Dr appointment today. She got two shots and another oral medication. She's doing fine though yay! No major concerns.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{Be What you want to be}

Today could have easily been an awful day. I didn't want it to be and it wasn't things happened yet I kept my head above it all and kept pushing forward. I'm actually shocked that it worked and I 
managed to keep a good attitude in the process.

Last night had me following my pattern of sleep lately and I fell asleep around 2:00 this morning. My body kept fighting me to stay asleep but I knew I needed to get up. Oh the joys of parenting LOL.
So, I get up put Princess in the bath and went to check on Fairy.
As I was getting Princess' clothes together after I gave 
Fairy her binky, Princess decided to wash herself with an entire bottle of her wash {brand new by the way.}
Flashing forward about an hour.
I drive the car around front so I can get the carseat in {there's a pole right next to the car where we have to park and it's hard to get it in and out of the car}
So I left it in front of the building and left it running and grabbed the girls, locked the doors, and went to put them in.
However, the car had other ideas.

It locked the doors on us.

I was locked out of both the car and the apartment.
With a toddler and an infant.

In the snow.

Thankfully one of our neighbors came home and he and his dad tried to break into the car.

Didn't work.

So we put the baby into his apartment out of the cold with his dad to watch her.
So we ended up having to call the Sheriff's office and having them come out and help.
The officer tried for 20 minutes to get the car unlocked and finally, FINALLY he got it. I was so happy lol.
I also like knowing how hard it is to break into our car.
So anyway, I get to the store got everything we needed {plus a little extra lol.}
Half way through Fairy started screaming.
Full on screaming her voice hoarse.
Princess was whiny at that point too because it was time for her nap,
which she's been refusing to do lately.
I managed to get the cart unloaded with all this going on.

Then this wonderful woman I have no idea who she was, while I was trying to catch up loading the cart, came over and helped me. 
It was amazing that in the world today someone
took time aside from their life to help someone else.
Not many people do it anymore. 

With that woman's help we got the cart piled high.
I wish I would have gotten a picture of the cart I really wasn't thinking lol.
I ended up having to put the third row of seats down and I did however think of taking a picture of the back full.

Got home and both girls were sleeping lol. 
Got them in and unloaded thr groceries.
Put it all away then I realized 'I'm in pain.'
I have a huge cyst that's now trying to burst.
So, here we find me sitting with my heating pad blogging {obviously} and thinking I should be wanting to beg for today to be over but I really don't mind it.
I'm in a great mood.
Nothing that happened today changed it. It's amazing.

I put the picture at the top because it's true in many forms yet today I wanted to be happy and I still am after everything that was thrown at me.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snow Snow and Guess What More Snow

Since Thursday we've been on a storm alert and have been stuck inside most of it except when my hubs went to work on Friday.  However, that hasn't stopped a few of our friends from coming over lol.

However, one of them needed to go to a place away from home for a little bit because her mom that was staying with them decided to clean the oven as a thank you and her being pregnant she couldn't be around the fumes so Princess got an impromptu play date with their 4 year old, hubs got a gaming buddy, and I got girl time it was pretty fun.

Another of my friends came over to nerd out with me too that was such a blast I loved it.

I've been cleaning non stop yet I can't seem to keep it clean it looks just as messy as it was before if not worse blah.

I have no idea how much snow we've gotten or how much we're supposed to get. The picture was taken of our backyard this morning and it's still coming down.

Princess also loves her apron she got for Christmas. She's been wearing it a ton its so cute.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I'm still here just been suffering from a migraine. I'm sorry for the absence.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Quick Nursery Post

Here are the updated nursery pictures not much was changed at all so I didn't or won't go into detail.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Got Princess' Room Done

Spent all worked working on it and got her a new bedding set along with all her Christmas gifts open and sent up.
Can you say looong weekend.
I also did a little bit more in Fairy's room. Pictures of that one will be posted tomorrow.
Got pretty much the whole house deep cleaned also. As much as I can until after trash day tomorrow so I can finish throwing out the rest of the boxes from Christmas.
That all on top of taking care of three kids {Hubs has a Man Cold so he officially counts as a child he says lol}

Friday, January 4, 2013

Busy busy tired

Its been a long day of shopping for groceries today and I only shoved away one place. Thankfully I was blessed with my parents who told me to leave the girls there with them so I didn't have to take them out in the cold and wrangle them while shopping.

I couldn't have been luckier I had a hard enough time wrangling the cart I could only imagine what it would have been like with a 3 year old and a 3 month old.
Also, a big thanks to my parents also who not only took care of them but also they've kept everything out mine I've had growing up. Including among it all was a couple hampers and a laundry basket I collected while in high school to put next to my hope chest {they wouldn't fit inside lol;) }

So after 6 years of not living there guess who brought the hampers and laundry basket home. Yeah I failed but at least I eventually got them right?

Going to bed now I'm tired and the baby is asleep so I'm going to try to as well.

Jamie {Neuriel}

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Failed Already

I've already failed the only thing I can say in my defence is: blogging and throwing up not a great mix.

Spent my day yesterday sick and taking care of the girls. Today is recovery {hopefully} and taking care off said children. Sadly, Hubs has important people coming into his work he can't take the days off.

Talk to you later,
Jamie {Neuriel}

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

{My name is Jamie and I am..}

My name is Jamie and I'm a nerd.

Yes, I admit it. I'm a nerd and I'm proud of it.

It also doesn't help I get obsessive over things. Also, I get obsessive in cycles. I go from one to another and find my way back to the beginning right back again.

I felt like rambling honestly lol. I figured you would like to know me at least a bit anyway I'm not going to tell you everything.

Not only am I a nerd I'm a rambler as well. So yeah, no idea where I'm going from here. So here's some pictures!

Jamie {Neuriel}

{Happy New Year}

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful new year! We're actually not home and I haven't gotten a chanve to blog or update anything lately.

This year I'm going to attempt to blog everyday along with my friend over at PickleBeanBooks.

This blog will be mostly how I feel of things. My opinions. My loves. As well as my life. I can only hope you will stick around with me and put up with me and my ramblings lol.

A lot of the posts will be short but some may not be. It will all depend on the day and what is going on. Also, a lot will be about the kids.

Love you all and I pray and hope for a wonderful oncoming year for all of you,
Jamie {Neuriel}