Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{Need to Run Errands...}

but it's just so cold out there. And it's been snowing all weekend and still snowing today. And yes I know I'm whining and making excuses.

But look at it this was taken an hour ago during a break in the storm. {10:30am} And now it's snowing like no tomorrow. Again. But we have no food for dinner tonight and I really really need to go get it. As well as the rest of the week's dinner stuff I don't have.

But now we are bundled up and ready to go.

I couldn't get a picture of Princess as she is currently running away from me everytime I go to take her picture. 

So instead here is another one of Fairy.

Also I forgot to say Monday was my birthday! The most exciting thing was me was either: going to the grocery store alone or my friend bringing me cheesecake because I forgot to buy a birthday cake while I was at the store. My life is so exciting. 

However, the day before my sister came over and gave me my gifts. A beautiful necklace I only took off to take a picture of it, a delicious chocolate bar, and a Willow Tree figurine {I collect them.}

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