Thursday, January 24, 2013

random update

I spent the day out and about yesterday and poor Princess was exhusted by the end of it. Thankfully the girls were spending time with grandma all day so I think they had a ton of fun.
I picked them up and I went to go get Hubs from work 
Princess pasted out she's so cute isn't she.

Also, she's been so O.C.D. I can't remember if I've posted what all she's done but here is her latest yesterday night.

On a bittersweet note Fairy is now in 3-6 months.
She's getting so big!
You never realized what they mean when they say "Blink and they're all grown up."
I completely freak myself out because Princess is three and by the time Fairy hits three Princess will be six and starting kindergarden here.

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