Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snow Snow and Guess What More Snow

Since Thursday we've been on a storm alert and have been stuck inside most of it except when my hubs went to work on Friday.  However, that hasn't stopped a few of our friends from coming over lol.

However, one of them needed to go to a place away from home for a little bit because her mom that was staying with them decided to clean the oven as a thank you and her being pregnant she couldn't be around the fumes so Princess got an impromptu play date with their 4 year old, hubs got a gaming buddy, and I got girl time it was pretty fun.

Another of my friends came over to nerd out with me too that was such a blast I loved it.

I've been cleaning non stop yet I can't seem to keep it clean it looks just as messy as it was before if not worse blah.

I have no idea how much snow we've gotten or how much we're supposed to get. The picture was taken of our backyard this morning and it's still coming down.

Princess also loves her apron she got for Christmas. She's been wearing it a ton its so cute.

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