Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Right As Rain

There are many things happening in our life and I want to touch point on every single on of them but I have no idea where to start.

We've gone through everything I've said before along with a few other things I can't talk about still. I really can't talk about it yet emotionally. I'm not ready yet.

I've also switched the girls' rooms and I'm still working in them so I'll be showing the before, during, and after pictures as I go but it's a slow process for me anymore. I'll explain that at a later date as well sorry. I'll do a separate post on the rooms too.

I've also redid the entry closet! I'm quite proud I did it lol. It's not the best but it works for now at least.

I'm sorry to cut this so short but it's time to go cook dinner.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Officially Back

Ok sorry it took so long to get back into blogging. We dealt with our friend's death but after we were doing better it life got away from us. With my dad still having a possibility of some of his brain bleeding again. Even after the surgery early this year. He's also now having to get surgery on both eyes next month. Along with my mom's Parkinson's getting worse along with her earky onset dementia and early onset Alzheimer's. Closely followed by both girls' birthdays and Halloween. A scary bit where we weren't sure if my husband was going to loose his job or not {he didn't by the way}. Life got insanely busy.

However, I'm back again I swear! I'm back with new ideas and great things to come. I'm going to post a MINIMUM of once a week {mostly Tuesday's} and I'm going be be here I promise.

Talk to you again on Tuesday!