Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I try not to get angry and take it out on Facebook, people, or my blog. However, there are some things that chaps my hide. Yes, I'm a stay at home mom. Yes, I'm a homemaker. I chose to raise my own children. We sacrificed a lot for this lifestyle. The thing that really gets me riled up is how stay at home mothers are treated by other people. Mostly, other women. Saying I'm a stay at home mom is an admission that may elevate or denigrate me, depending on who I’m talking to. I know what I do doesn't pay me with money to buy the newest and greatest toy. It pays me to watch my children grow up. To see their firsts. To be the one they go to when they need someone. The days when I'm on here a lot are the days that one, or both girls are cuddly or sick and want to be held. I'm proud of what I do. If you're proud that you work, wonderful! I don't look down on you at all. If you have to work to provide for your family, that's amazing. We're all providing for our family's. But the next person that says “Oh, that’s right – you don’t work" to me, will probably get a roundhouse kick to the throat.I really don’t know what’s more insulting; the notion that I don’t work or the idea that taking care of kids all day is some kind of vacation. Despite what people may think. I can’t control when and if I will sleep, return a phone call, or even shower without committing an act of child neglect. There are no sick days, no breaks, no vacation time. Yes, to some it may seem silly that some of use schedule time to drink some water, but some of us need it to remember to keep hydrated so we can continue chasing after kids, and picking up the same mess that we just picked up a couple minutes ago. And let me just take a minute to say that those of us in the SAHM {stay at home mom} ranks who are young {or look young}, who didn't go to college, or who don’t have a lot of money, are often treated with such little respect that it makes me want to run into the forest and do an angry dance. To the jackbags who ask me things like: “What do you do all day?” Do you know what that question really means people? It means, "I think I’m better than you." Coming from most mouths anyway, some genuinely want to know. I choose to be a stay at home mom. I am penned up in the monkey house all day long. But in that smelly monkey house are the moments that make everything worth it. That moment once or twice a day, when the kids show that they're turning into awesome little people. And I get to see it. Just before they started throwing tantrums and throwing toys around. I will not tolerate being looked down on. 

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