Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{Be What you want to be}

Today could have easily been an awful day. I didn't want it to be and it wasn't things happened yet I kept my head above it all and kept pushing forward. I'm actually shocked that it worked and I 
managed to keep a good attitude in the process.

Last night had me following my pattern of sleep lately and I fell asleep around 2:00 this morning. My body kept fighting me to stay asleep but I knew I needed to get up. Oh the joys of parenting LOL.
So, I get up put Princess in the bath and went to check on Fairy.
As I was getting Princess' clothes together after I gave 
Fairy her binky, Princess decided to wash herself with an entire bottle of her wash {brand new by the way.}
Flashing forward about an hour.
I drive the car around front so I can get the carseat in {there's a pole right next to the car where we have to park and it's hard to get it in and out of the car}
So I left it in front of the building and left it running and grabbed the girls, locked the doors, and went to put them in.
However, the car had other ideas.

It locked the doors on us.

I was locked out of both the car and the apartment.
With a toddler and an infant.

In the snow.

Thankfully one of our neighbors came home and he and his dad tried to break into the car.

Didn't work.

So we put the baby into his apartment out of the cold with his dad to watch her.
So we ended up having to call the Sheriff's office and having them come out and help.
The officer tried for 20 minutes to get the car unlocked and finally, FINALLY he got it. I was so happy lol.
I also like knowing how hard it is to break into our car.
So anyway, I get to the store got everything we needed {plus a little extra lol.}
Half way through Fairy started screaming.
Full on screaming her voice hoarse.
Princess was whiny at that point too because it was time for her nap,
which she's been refusing to do lately.
I managed to get the cart unloaded with all this going on.

Then this wonderful woman I have no idea who she was, while I was trying to catch up loading the cart, came over and helped me. 
It was amazing that in the world today someone
took time aside from their life to help someone else.
Not many people do it anymore. 

With that woman's help we got the cart piled high.
I wish I would have gotten a picture of the cart I really wasn't thinking lol.
I ended up having to put the third row of seats down and I did however think of taking a picture of the back full.

Got home and both girls were sleeping lol. 
Got them in and unloaded thr groceries.
Put it all away then I realized 'I'm in pain.'
I have a huge cyst that's now trying to burst.
So, here we find me sitting with my heating pad blogging {obviously} and thinking I should be wanting to beg for today to be over but I really don't mind it.
I'm in a great mood.
Nothing that happened today changed it. It's amazing.

I put the picture at the top because it's true in many forms yet today I wanted to be happy and I still am after everything that was thrown at me.

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