Sunday, March 31, 2013

Can't sleep

So here I am laying in baled at 12:44a on Easter morning trying to fall asleep but I can't because I have to take Hubs to the airport later and its going to be the longest we've been apart since he went to visit his sister out of state while we were first dating. It's going to be a long next few days. However, I have a ton planned for this week and I will only be putting up little hints as to what until The Hubs gets home just incase he visits the blog while he's away.

Also, we have a mouse in our apartment...

I set up for traps on Friday night and baited them with peanut butter, one of their ultimate favorite snacks almost like Princess' hmm I should start calling her Mouse I'll think about that. Sorry I started typing what I was thinking and I really don't want to erase it. Just to warn you it may happen a lot tonight.

Anyways,  I bought 2 house mouse trap things and two classic spring traps and baited them with peanut butter and waited {aka went yo bed} the next morning, Saturday, I checked them. The two house ones were untouched. The two classics however, oh the sneaky little bugger, it licked completely clean! Both of them! I even dropped a piece of paper on them to test and they were working!
So I went back to the store and bought more only this time sticky ones and left out 11 traps all different kinds. I can only hope and pray we catch this stupidly smart mouse.

Went out for dinner tonight too it was so nice to get out. Princess {mouse?} was being so silly all night.

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