Monday, July 9, 2012

Loves and Loathes Tag

Marie at Bitsandclips on YouTube created this tag and I absolutely loved the idea.  Since I don't Vlog I decided to blog it instead.  You go through your house and pick out 5 decor items you love and 2 you loathe.

First is the butterfly cross-stitch my mom made me when I was in high school I think I was 15 when I was given it.

Number 2 actually came with the apartment because the landlady didn't think it could come off but it actually does. It says "Welcome May all who enter as guests, leave as friends."

This is a frame I got for Christmas from my old friend, and I love it. I have all of my favorite nik-naks on it {at least the ones that would fit lol} It has our wedding cake topper, my Willow Tree figurines I started to collect, the wedding bears that were on our card table at our wedding, a Precious Moments wedding plate thing, a picture of Princess when she was about 3 months old, the hat Princess got when she was born {behind the Willow Tree}, two pictures we had taken when we first started dating, the pen from our wedding, Fairy's ultrasounds, and some of my Precious Moments figurines.

Next up is a jewlery box my brother sent to me for my 13th birthday when he was in South Korea.

 Is the cradle my dad made for me while I was pregnant with Princess and we put every babies names on the bottom that sleep in it. 

My Loathes:

First are the computer towers Hubs brought home and I have no idea what he plans to do with them. They've been sitting around here for a couple of months along with some of his old school books.

The second and last loathe is our couch yes it's super comfy but I really don't like how it looks at all.

 Yes I do know the pillows don't match and until I can either made covers or just buy new ones I don't care right now lol.

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