Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Now Have a New Apron and a Half!

Sorry I didn't post this on Monday!!  It's hard trying to get the energy up to do anything the past few days, we went out of state this past weekend to go visit some friends.  So for a little help to get my get up and go to turn back on I ended up on YouTube.

So anyway I was watching this video afterwards, about changing a dress into an apron, when it hit me.

I have an old dress I can't get rid of but I don't want it to just sit and collect dust!! My going home dress from my wedding!

Sadly my camera was dead as well as my phone so I didn't get a before picture. I did however manage to get my apron out of it, and I just need to go to the fabric store and pick up a little extra fabric and I'll also have a nursing apron so I guess I technically have an apron and a half I guess.

Here is my new little friend.  I feel I should name her and all my aprons.  I think I should call her Melody.

This is her unfinished sister Sandra.

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