Thursday, July 12, 2012

{The Difference Between a Homemaker and Her Husband}

So we went out and bought some food for the freezer and pantry.  After we got home I inventoried everything and handed it off to Hubs to put away in an "organized fashion" so I had one less thing to do. Well after we were done and the hamburgers were cooked I opened the pantry... 

{Yes I do have formula but I still plan to breastfeed.}

Yes it is kind of organized but for me personally I like to see what I'm working with when I cook. So, I organized it. All the while getting the "Are you nesting or are you crazy?" looks from Hubs.  Honestly I'm not too sure of the answer..

Still looks like a mess to me but at lease I can see what we have.

Next up is the freezer but that isn't as hard. 

Followed by the fridge once we get enough food in it, so it stops looking like a bachelor's that happens to like health snacks, on pay day lol.

Thankfully we go back out tomorrow lol. We never go on the same day because I get way too tired and I start hurting way too badly in my hip.

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