Thursday, July 19, 2012

{Remember God Will Help}

I have to keep reminding myself that God will help me when I need it.  I only have to ask for it.  I managed to get everything out of Princess's room, other than the stuff in the closet, the crib, and the cradle my dad made for us. The crib and the cradle were either too big to get out or too awkward to do on my own.  Bid helped me a lot today to get this much done, and for that I'm thankful. I couldn't have done it without Him.
Next in my plans are to get the crib and the cradle out and into the nursery since that's where they're going to go anyway.
Followed by getting the crayon off the walls in there I plan on taking before and after shot of that. I actually forgot to do a before shot of the disaster she made in her room.
I also plan on either hanging her pants too with an idea I got off pinterest or to put the dresser into the closet.
I also need to figure out how to organize all her toys that are going to go back in her room.  Books are staying in the nursery since she even managed to destroy even a couple of those board books.
I also need to reorganize the closet to put her extra bedding in {I've been keeping them in the cradle}.
I have a lot to do still but I think I've done pretty well in just a few hours.

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