Monday, July 16, 2012

My Collection Inventory Thing

Sorry I'm a little late posting today I had to get my glucose test done this morning.

Anyway, after thinking about the blog post on the 4th about the aprons, and I also had dreams this morning about aprons {yes I know I'm a little sad lol}, I decided that I needed to take pictures of all of mine so far and continue to do so as my collection grows.  While taking these Fairy decided to roll out just as I was getting up from arranging an apron to take a picture, and decided she wanted to be in the shot too lol.

And yes I have all my aprons named. Their names are under their pictures along with a little about them too.  :D

 Oliver ~ My mom made this a few years ago for all the girls and women in our family for Christmas.
 Phee ~ My mom used to own also an embroidery business and this she made as a test for a customer and she gave it to me.
 Dorian ~ This one made me laugh, I actually bought this for Hubs {he's a pyromaniac} before we moved and I think he only wore it once, maybe.
 Claudia ~ This was actually one of my Great Great {Great? I can't remember if it was 2 or 3 greats} Grandma's and I love it to death!
 Annabelle ~ My mom made this for me in high school when I went on a pioneer trek and we had to dress up.
 Adrienna ~ I remember my mom having this for quite some time and she gave it to me when I got married
 Clement ~ My mom made it for me and gave it to me for Mother's Day.
 Edith ~ My mom made this when I was a little kid so I could help her bake for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I need to fix the poor thing the thread finally gave out on one side :(
 Samantha ~ Sam half of my reversible apron.
 Christina ~ Chris is the other half.
 Sandra ~ My work in progress still waiting on a new sewing machine :(
Melody ~ My favorite one right now but I'm a little scare to wear it lol. 
Gerri ~ My mom made this when her and my dad got married 40 some years ago.

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