Friday, July 6, 2012

Last Trimester!

Sorry everyone this is going to be a short post I have 3 toddlers running around today and only one me.  

27 weeks

Sleep: Once I get to sleep I'm fine but it's getting to sleep that's the hardest thing.
Gender: Girl
Belly Button: It's out and Hubs loves to play with it and it's a little annoying lol and Princess loves to poke it
Clothes: Now that I'm bigger {not as big as I was with Princess though thankfully} even more of my shirts are way too short now!
Wedding Rings: They're too small now :( but my fatty bands aren't fitting yet either
Happy or Moody: Moody oh so moody everything has been getting to me and making me upset or mad 
Movement: Fairy has been moving a ton but still mostly just tossing and turning still.
Looking Forward To: The ultrasound on Wednesday!!
Symptoms: Constantly having to pee, painful hips and back, really sore and sensitive breasts, colostrum, a ton pf pimples, mood swings , swollen hands and feet, constantly hot, lack of appetite, insomnia, exhaustion, and braxton hicks
Cravings: Dove chocolate, Redvines, Skittles

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