Saturday, August 18, 2012

{Working on 'The List'}

So Princess is at my in-laws today and therefore that means today I'm going to work on 'The List.' I have some big things to get moved and I can't get done with Princess here she'll get under foot and I need the space in the car to get a dresser and a cabinet from my parents.

'The List' is the list that I put up yesterday.

Doing today
Later or if I get the rest of the list done

  1. Get the dresser
  2. Get the storage cabinet
  3. Pack away 12m. and up
  4. Fill the dresser
  5. Fill the cabinet
  6. Throw away empty boxes and trash
  7. Rearrange master bedroom
  8. Orgnaize master
  9. Finish Princess' room
  10. Pack hospital bags
  11. Get crib in the nursery
  12. Set up the crib
  13. Wash ALL bedding
  14. Get more baby/kid hangers
  15. Rearrange changing table
  16. Move Princess' dresser into her closet
  17. Find a home for bottles
  18. Sanitize bottles and pacifiers
  19. Move bassinet into master
  20. Set up a spot in master for baby chaning stuff
  21. Figure out what to put baby stuff in for master
  22. Wash all baby stuff
  23. Find the D batteries

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