Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{Hospital Bag Detailed}

  • Pillow
{I personally don't like the hospital pillows so I give my hospital pillows to hubs and just use mine}

  • Blanket
{Yes I still have a blankie.  I have to take it with me if we're going to be going out and staying away from home.}

  • Boppy
{Last time I didn't have it and man would I have loved to have had it.}

  • Hair brush and comb
  • Loofah and shower gel
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Petroleum jelly
{For my lips if my chapstick isn't working enough.}

  • 2 pads 
{Just in case I have nurses that take forever to bring me more again}

  • Prenatal vitamins
{Going to be breast feeding so they're still going to be important to take}

  • Q-tips
  • Deodorant
  • Wipes
{To wipe off my face if I can't get out of bed}

  • Tooth brush and toothpaste
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hand sanitizing wipes {2}
  • Tissues
{May back more.  Afterward emotions will be all over the place for everyone especially me.}

  • Lotion
{my hands dry out fast}

  • Chap stick
  • Barrettes {2}
  • Hair ties {4}
{keep my hair out of my face}

  • 4 reusable breast pads
  • 6 disposable breast pads
{last time I did leak a lot but I did all though that pregnancy but not so much this time so I just want to be prepared.}

  • Nipple cream
{Needed trust me.}

  • Underwear {not pictured}
{I love the ones they give in the hospital but as with the pads I want to just have back up}

  • Nursing Bra {not pictured}
  • Robe
  • Nursing night gown
  • 2 tank tops
{one nursing the other just stretches really well for it}

  • 2 pairs of socks
{My feet were freezing when the rest of me wasn't last time so this time I packed my comfy fuzzy socks}

  • BeBand
{I really wanted a post partum belt but they're of budget for now so hopefully it'll do a little bit or at least give me a little support}

  • Going home shirt
{I packed a thin long sleeve shirt to go home in.  Last time it was cold and raining when we went home and also it always snows in October here.  If it isn't then it'll generally rain.}

  • Nursing cover and bracelet

  • Wallet
{I keep my wallet in there whenever I'm not using it.}

  • Notebook and pen
{I actually want to keep track of what times the nurses come in and they're names.  Last time we had horrible care and this time I want to keep track.}

  • Pair of jeans
  • 2 shirts {long sleeve and short}
  • Pair of socks
  • Sweat pants
  • 3 burp rags
  • 2 preemie sleepers
{I don't know how big she's going to be but I think I'm going to take them out next Friday}

  • 2 preemie diapers
{same as above.}

  • 2 newborn diapers
  • 2 newborn outfits
{one for pictures the other for going home.}

  • 2 newborn sleepers
{If she spits up on the outfit I'll put her in one of the sleepers}{one light one heavy depending on weather.}

  • 4 pairs of socks
{I always loose them lol.}

  • 2 head bands
  • 2 sets scratch mittens
  • Carseat
  • Canopy
{in case of bad weather}
  • Blanket
{If there is bad weather}
  • Swaddle me
  • head support
  • Big Sister Gift


  1. Sounds like a great list! I'm nervous even thinking about my hospital bag! But I have some time before I need to pack it. You are certainly prepared to bring that baby home! You're almost there :)

    1. I was too lol. With my first pregnancy I did it at the last second when my dr told me to go into the hospital lol. I had nothing useful or comfy at all. I'm counting down until the due date I'm so excited. I completely over packed though but it's what I'm good at LOL!!