Saturday, August 4, 2012

{Catch Up}

Week 30

We were camping last week so most of these come from that.

Sleep: once I fell asleep I slept well
Gender: Girl
Belly Button: out
Clothes: Some still fit some don't
Wedding Rings: still on :)
Emotions: happy
Movements: She slowed down a little but I was constantly moving so I probably just didn't feel her move.
Looking Forward To: hearing her heart beat again
Symptoms: {Remember we were camping}  Tired, TONS of braxton hicks some painful, swollen feet, peeing a lot, waddling, bad break outs, increased appetite,
Cravings: cookies and cream cake, mountain dew, cheese burgers, pickles

Week 31

Sleep: Good for the most part I got sick while we were camping and came home to a sick Princess too poor girl.  So we both have summer colds and it sucks
Gender: Girl
Belly Button: out
Clothes: I'm kinda having mixed feelings one of the shirts I have that was too big now fits perfectly I'm so happy to have the belly and that Fairy is getting bigger but it's kinda hard to think about lol
Wedding Rings: on!!
Emotions: all over the place
Movements: Depends on the day honestly
Looking Forward To: Dr appointment on monday :D
Symptoms: tired, sick to my stomach, braxton hicks, peeing alot, hot, bad break outs, increased appetite
Cravings: Ice cream, Calamari, mac and cheese, reeses peanut butter cups, pasta salad

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