Thursday, August 9, 2012

{Dressing Modestly BEDA #9}

When Hubs and I first started dating I was so very modest.  I always had at least two shirts on.  He would ask me why I always wore so many layers or if I was hot wear all of it.  The truth was in my opinion God wanted me to dress modestly.  I also wanted to have only my future husband be the only one who knew what I looked like under all my clothing. {Who wants an unwrapped gift?}  As for the question of if I was too hot.  I really wasn't and if I was then I truthfully didn't notice fully just how hot it was. 

Two months before we started dating.

Almost a year into our relationship a few months after I was saved.

However, when I got pregnant with Princess I didn't continue with dressing modest.  I sadly but honestly admit I didn't care.  I wore low cut short dresses that had room for my belly.  Tank tops that showed way too much cleavage.  That kind of think I tried looking for a picture but I couldn't find a full body shot.  It was horrible, I looked horrible! Also looking back I felt badly about myself too.

This pregnancy I challenged myself to look cute and feel better about myself.  So far I think I've been doing pretty well. Sometimes I still sit around in my jammies.  {I sometimes even have my belly shots taken in my jammies shhh lol.}

Thinking about it I've been dressing modestly every time I think I look cute or pretty.  And I also feel good while dressing modestly too. Also even though I'm a week behind this pregnancy than with my last, I'm not as hot even with this heat wave we've been having.  Yeah, I've been hot but I haven't been miserable.

{Darn I need more pictures of myself lol.}

God also wants women to be modest also and it helps me to be closer to God if I listen and follow what He says.

And those are just a few of what God has said.

Along with this post I have another challenge.  I will go through all of my clothes {maternity AND non-maternity} and get rid of all the immodest clothing.

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