Friday, August 3, 2012

{BEDA #3: Wedding} {WARNING! Picture Heavy}

Hey everyone who is still with me!! Today I'm doing my post on my wedding! I'm excited about it again because even though we've been married for 3 years I finally got some wedding pictures printed out and I couldn't be happier!  I'm so giddy lol.

March 14, 2009 one of the happiest days of my life.  The others being when I had Princess and when I found out I was pregnant with Fairy.

These first two are from our rehearsal dinner.  Hubs was on the phone with work for a couple hours because a pipe burst and for some reason or another they called him for help.

About to go down the isle having a whispered conversation about how to walk down without tripping over my too long slip and wearing 6 inch heels.

'Don't fall, don't fall. Step, kick, step, kick.'

I love this picture of my dad just seeing his expression makes me misty eyed even now.  He's always been the strong silent type who tries not to show emotions.

Just ignore the dates on some of the pictures my brother didn't know how to set dates on his camera.

Hubs was making fun of me about having to go up the stairs in the dress.  As a result he got my nails in the arm he shut up really quick although he was still chuckling.

First kiss as husband and wife!

Lighting the unity candle.

My cute little flower girl. My friends little 6 month old.

Signing the License.

Walking back up for pictures.

Most of our siblings a few of his sisters aren't in the shot. One was in England and the other was trying to get all the guests into the reception area and one had to leave early.

My family.

Hubs grandparents.

Hubs parents, grandparents, one of his sisters and niece.

Hub's parents and brother.

With the best man and matron of honor.

Wedding party

Close up of the petals on the wedding cake.

Cupcakes my dad made {shh don't tell him I told you ;) lol}

Cutting the cake. {my mom made it}

Making jokes to each other about how the cake wants to fall over when we try to cut it.

He was the one that decided to not smash it in each others faces.

One of my greatest friends.

Hub's sister and her kids. She was such a gigantic help with the wedding.

Wedding card box I worked on, guest book and pen, with our wedding teddys.

I love these guys :D

Fought hard for my fish to actually get in the wedding. In the end I won and everyone loved them.

Our rings.

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