Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{Sick Toddler}

So today I'm not doing what I had originally planned.  Last night Princess came into our bed last night and actually fell asleep next to us.  Which is weird because ever since she was 4 months old she's refused to sleep next to us and if she was in bed with us she would play and force herself to stay awake.

This morning when Hubs got out of bed to get ready for work she told him that her tummy was uspet and she wanted juice so Hubs got her some juice and got in the shower.  I was asleep during this.  I woke up to her throwing up all over the bed and my pillows.  I got out of bed so I can talk to Hubs to let him know what happened and he told me that she had told him she wasn't feeling good.

I wanted to wash the bedding just after I washed them all didn't I?  Not.  Oh well life happens so I got it cleaned up and Princess to take a short nap before she threw up again.  Made a pitcher of iced peppermint tea and a pitcher of peppermint water.  Both are great for upset stomachs.

I've used peppermint water for her since she was an infant and it's been amazing.  People always ask me why I always stock up on candy canes at all the after Christmas sales and they usually tease me for believing the 'Old Wives Tales.'  It works fantastic and Princess' Dr. approved of it wholeheartedly.

What I do is just crush the candy canes and put them into a jar.  When I need it I boil water in my kettle and in a mug I pour some in the bottom of it, when the water is boiled I pour it into the mug and I stir it until it's completely melted.  I then pour that into a pitcher of cold water and it's ready to drink.  I call it The Special Juice so that Princess will drink it.

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