Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{Back onto Modesty}

First off, I'm not telling people do this, do that.  I'm telling people my opinions {opinions are like belly buttons everyone has one} asking questions.This is something I am doing for MYSELF and MY HUSBAND.  

When people think of the word modest in terms of dress. They automatically think frumpy, plain prudish, insecure, broken spirited, among other things that I don't want to get into at this moment.  It really isn't.  It can be mysterious, alluring, captivating, you get the picture.

Also, it isn't just about how much do I hide of my body do I hide.  It's more of a question of what message do I want to convey to the world.  What am I trying to gain with what I'm wearing.

Do I want respect?
Do I want to attract the wrong attentions?

{To the girls looking for a guy}
Ok, yes, what girl doesn't want attention. Or feel pretty.  Which kind of a guy do you want to attract? Do you want the nice amazing guy? or the guy that is rude, looks at other women, flirts with other girls that are dressed in clothes that show it off?  If that is how you attracted him in the first place why do you think he's going to stop after you get him?

When I dress I ask myself:
If I have to walk up {or down} a flight of stairs do I worry about covering myself?

Yes there is the argument of "Then they can just not look it's not that hard." Guess what you're right it's not but why tempt men {who are visually stimulated} into sin?

As I was going through my closet to get rid of all the immodest clothing I was shock at myself at how far I'd fallen from what I used to be.  I felt like I not only betrayed my husband at how I was dressing, by showing off what was his and his alone. I was also betraying myself and God.

I dove into my closet pulled out everything that I couldn't use layers with, the clothes I knew were too small but still dreamed of fitting into again, and too short dresses and just tossed them into a big garbage bag to donate.  I cleared out half of my wardrobe in my closet and my dresser. Maternity, nursing able, and non-maternity a like weren't safe from this endeavor.  I have only a handful left of each but what I have left was what made me happy.

Even if I do ever get back to wearing my old sizes, I can always go buy more at the local thrift shops. Fashion changes and what I was trying to hold onto wasn't what I think would be what a mother would were they were clothes that I had from high school and they may have been modest in cut and style but since they were too small and tight that it wasn't modest at all.  So I want to bless a teen girl with these outfits.

Honestly, I have quite a few tank tops, camis, and short flannel shorts because lets face it they're comfy, and when I sleep I'm more comfortable in them. But I never where them where people who aren't my husband {or daughter if she crawls in bed with us} can see. I change my clothes before I open my binds in the morning {also a good idea because if you get a knock on your door in the morning you aren't running around looking for a robe lol}

One of my favorite rules:
Never wear anything you would not want to wear in front of Jesus.

As I was growing up I learned the head, shoulders, knees, and toes rules too.

Raise your arms above you head. Does it show your stomach?
Hands on your shoulders. Are your shoulders covered?
Hands on your knees. Are your shorts or skirts at or below your knees?
Bend and touch your toes.  Is your skirt riding up or your shirt showing anything?

Personally I'm more of a skirt person now. I've personally never liked shorts. {As a teen I hated dresses and skirts but I was going through a rebellion stage so I just wore pants.}  I think I own 4 pairs of shorts.  All of them I've worn while cleaning and don't care if they get messy or ruined{which I actually just realized LOL!}  I honestly have been thinking about starting to wear skirts and dresses instead of pants anymore I'm far more comfortable in them but that's just me.

I will actually be posting more on this. But I will stop for now because I feel this is getting too long.

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