Wednesday, August 8, 2012

{BEDA #8}

So the original plan I had for today I've decided on not doing.  Instead I decided to do an update on my 'Homemaking Binder' that is no longer a binder... it is now 4 and a half binders...LOL!  I got a little obsessive on organizing it.

I have one for my blog, one for our family, one for faith, one for cleaning, and the big one is turning into my what I haven't organized fully yet and is also housing my inspiration pages until I find another binder.

I think I went slightly mental with them this morning.. because yes I did it all this morning.  I'm also having a little problem with the printer being out of ink because I even wrote out a few pages because I wanted them in the binders.  And as I said before I personally hate my own handwriting.

However, I will be patient for everything I want for them.






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