Monday, August 20, 2012

{So Sorry}

I'm so sorry for the insanely short post yesterday it was family day.  We don't get them very often and it was fantastic to be able to spend time together and have a wonderful BBQ with our neighbors. I love my little family.  They make me so so very happy.  I didn't get as much of the list done as I wanted to but I wouldn't give up the time we spent together as a family.

The List
  1. Get the dresser
  2. Get the cabinet
  3. Pack away 12m and up
  4. Fill the dresser
  5. Fill the cabinet
  6. Throw away empty boxes {Hubs' job}
  7. Rearrange master
  8. Finish Princess' room
  9. Pack hospital bag
  10. Get crib in nursery
  11. Set up crib
  12. Wash ALL bedding
  13. Rearrange changing table
  14. Move Princess' dresser into her closet
  15. Find a home for the bottles
  16. Rearrange pantry
  17. Sanitize bottles and pacifiers
  18. Move bassinet into master
  19. Set up a baby spot in master
  20. Wash all baby things

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