Friday, August 17, 2012

{33 weeks}

Man it's hard to believe that I have only 49 days until my due date!  This week is the week I went into preterm labor with Princess and I'm nervous that it'll happen this pregnancy too.

I've been a crazing woman trying to get stuff done that needs to be done before I have her. {Like finish all the baby laundry. Hopefully, only 4 more loads at the most.}  I also need to finish rearranging the master bed room, along with decluttering and purging a ton of stuff I now have more stuff to donate and a new bag of stuff to sell to the used book store and the thrift shop.

I started this list on Monday fully.

{highlighted is stuff I still have to do}

List of things to get done:

  1. Get a dresser for Fairy
  2. Get the storage cabinet from my parent's house and into the nursery
  3. pack away clothes 12 months and up
  4. Fill the dresser
  5. Fill the cabinet
  6. throw away empty boxes
  7. Rearrange master
  8. organize master
  9. finish Princess' room
  10. Pack hospital bag{s}
  11. get crib in nursery
  12. set up crib
  13. wash ALL bedding
  14. Get more baby hangers and hang up clothes
  15. rearrange changing table
  16. move Princess' dresser into her closet
  17. find a home for bottles
  18. move bassenet into master bedroom
  19. put diapers in master bed
  20. put extra clothes, blankets, sleepers, burp rags, bibs, and diapering needs into master
  21. Find a place for baby stuff
  22. wash all baby stuff
  23. find where I put the D batteries

{33 weeks}

Sleep: Good still however last night I was hit by the insomnia fairy
Gender: Girl
Clothes: the ones I have left still fit me for now
Wedding Rings: Off :( but I can't fit into my fatty bands!
Emotions: I've been crying a lot over everything
Movement: She's slowed way down but still moving enough for me to not be worried
Looking forward too: Getting the list done.
Symptoms: Tired, in pain from my back down, painful Braxton Hicks, feet and hands swelling by the end of the day, break outs, decreased appetite, hot, sore breasts, colostrum
Cravings: Mountain Dew

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