Friday, June 15, 2012

Busy Busy Week

Man this past week has been so busy and today isn't much better!! But hey! My home has never been cleaner!  Deep cleaned, scrubbed, organized, tossed, and repeated.  The first couple days were awful emotionally and mentally but after this weeks new motto "today I will choose joy" it has gotten so much better (and soda has helped too!LOL)

~24 weeks~

Sleep: What is this sleep you speak of?
Gender: GIRL!!!!
Belly Button: It's officially out
Clothes: some are still not fitting right and getting gone through to get put away
Wedding Rings: On still!! Yay!!! (shocking really)
Happy or Moody: moody
Movement: Little Fairy is moving a lot more now and getting stronger and she like 'fighting' with big sister Princess
Looking Forward to: Hub's graduation tonight! Also the party tonight!
Symptoms:  Breaking out worse than it's ever been. My breasts have been really sore and tender, mood swings galore, belly is getting bigger (yay!), colostrum, tired all day but can't sleep at night
Cravings: pepsi, salami sandwiches, gyros, Dove chocolate, corn dogs, mountain dew, and brownie batter

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