Friday, June 22, 2012

25 or is it 27?

So yesterday I had a doctors appointment.  It started out like every other normal appointment. Blood pressure, weight, fill out this paper work because we changed the computer systems, ect.

When our doctor came in he looked over the chart and asked "So you're 26 weeks?"

That stopped Hubs and I in our tracks. We stared at each other for a moment. I told the doctor with a laugh,

"No I'm 24 weeks going to be 25 tomorrow. But I can be 26 if you want so I can see her sooner." 

The doctor looked at us then the chart and complained about the new system and how it's been messing up the charts as it went from only one page of graph and chart to a lot of pages of just words, no graphs or charts to be found. 

So he measured the belly and I measured at what Hubs and I said, but the doctor wanted us to go for an ultrasound in three weeks because he just wanted to make sure that she's on track and to get the due date into the system. Plus I get to see her and hopefully get a 4D done. Little Fairy hasn't been very cooperative with ultrasounds.

I can't wait to see her. I've been going through this need to hold her already. See her with Princess. Watch Hubs cuddle and talk to her.

Also I did the belly shot fist thing after I got up ignore the mess I am lol. 

~Week 25 (27?)~

Weight: 130 (a total gain of 8 lbs this pregnancy)
Sleep: Bad still, however last night I slept like the dead I think my exhaustion caught up to me finally.
Gender: Girl!
Belly Button: Out
Clothes: I still need to go shopping...
Wedding Rings: Still on for now but last night my hands swelled a little bit, so I don't know how much longer I can wear them.
Happy or Moody: Both it's been a really good mix of both.
Movement: She likes to move the most when I fist wake up in the mornings. She doesn't kick though oddly enough, she just moves around like she's trying to get comfortable or just stretches. I think the only time when she kicks is when Princess is leaning on the belly or poking it to get Fairy to move around.
Looking forward to: The next ultrasound in three weeks!
Symptoms: Breaking out, Sore breasts, a little leakage of colostrum, mood swings, exhaustion, pain in my lower back and hips, insomnia, constipation (TMI), cravings, bigger belly, and braxton hicks
Cravings: sour gummy worms, dove chocolate, skittles, hamburgers, pepsi, gyros

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