Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Back for now :D

Hey everyone I'm sorry I had to take a small break but I am now able to do more than I did.  I can't say yet as to what happened but everything is fine.

Update on the Binder Challenge!
It went great it kept me organized, and on track with everything.  I still have to change a little bit of it but other than that it was great.  I moved all my inspiration pages into another binder.  I also moved all the baby related pages into their own binder too.

22 weeks

Sleep: Starting to get really uncomfortable and really hot at night
Gender: GIRL!!!!
Belly Button: on it's way out
Wedding Rings: On still!!
Happy or Moody: a mix of both
Movement: Little Fairy is moving a lot more now and getting stronger
Looking Forward to: Hub's graduation!! and getting the nursery done!
Symptoms:  Breaking out has still been bad. My breasts have been really sore and tender, mood swings galore, belly is getting bigger, a bit more leakage, tired all day but can't sleep at night
Cravings: pepperoni pizza with bacon pieces, pepsi, egg rolls, salami sandwiches, gyros, and cucumber
Weight: 125 gained 3 lbs after loosing 15lbs this whole pregnancy
Clothes: I actually fit into some of my old pants that I couldn't wear after having Lily oddly

size of the baby

I will also post my 23 week on Friday.

Love you all,

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