Friday, May 18, 2012

Wet Rainy Friday

Thank you everyone for not telling the gender on facebook lol it was fun to get the calls and texts instead of just comments on facebook it made it more personal I think. I know understand why Hubs wanted to do this. Now onto everything I wanted to do for today!  (Hopefully I'll remember all of it.)

My challenge:
I am finally getting settled into the layout and the uses of the binder and I love it! I still can't figure out where to keep it yet though. I've also moved my baby info, pages, and documents into another binder I had laying around and that's surprisingly helped make more room in the homemaking on and I'm thinking about moving the inspirational pages into they're own as well.

Weeks 20 ~
We made it to the halfway mark!! Yay for us!! Look I actually updated on the actual day!

Sleep: Moderate it gets bad some nights like last night I was so hot and uncomfortable
Maternity Clothes: none this week but I actually fit into my pregnancy skinny jeans not sure what to think there
Stretch marks: no new ones
Miss anything: clam chowder!
Anything make you sick: Driving in the car
Gender: GIRL!!!!
Labor Signs: No thank goodness
Belly Button: on it's way out
Wedding Rings: On still!! shocking!
Happy or Moody: happy
Movement: Little Bean has been moving up a storm this past week!
Looking Forward to: Hubs finishing school!
Symptoms:  Breaking out has still been bad. My breasts have been really sore and tender, mood swings galore, belly is getting bigger!
Cravings: Sprite, Mountain Dew, the blue Jones Soda, and I've wanted a lot of meat this past week.

I just made our gender announcement too!

The absolute best way to cook asparagus, and SO SIMPLE! Season with olive oil, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese; bake 350 10-15 minutes.

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