Monday, May 14, 2012

getting over the cold

Yay!!! I'm finally getting over the cold and I also had a busy weekend. I'm sorry I forgot to post on Friday I have no good reason for it. Yesterday was fun I go to sleep in until 8am and while I was out and about on Saturday, Hubs came home from study group early and cleaned EVERYTHING so I got to come home to an insanely clean home. It was fantastic. Those where some really great presents and I also got taken out to dinner on Saturday night too.  I'm so spoiled.

19 weeks 4 days:
Sleep: Moderate it gets bad some nights but others I sleep really well
Maternity Clothes: Hub's parents brought me two new shirts on Saturday they're so comfy and pretty I love them
Stretch marks: no new ones but I'm also not as big as I was with Princess.
Miss anything: not that I can think of
Cravings: the biggest has been chicken noodle soup
Anything make you sick: Yes I can't have sugar on an empty stomach
Gender: We find out tomorrow!!!!
Labor Signs: No thank goodness
Belly Button: still in the middle lol
Wedding Rings: On still!! Yay!
Happy or Moody: Moody
Movement: So far Little Bean has been moving a ton and it's really strong too
Looking Forward to: Finding out then gender in the morning!!!
Symptoms: started getting sick again and throwing up :( I'm not sure if it was from having the cold or if it's pregnancy. Breaking out has still been bad. My breasts have been really sore and tender.
Weight: 122.6

With Princess I was showing so much compared to this one here is my weekly pic from this time around:
This is the picture from Princesses pregnancy:

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