Friday, May 4, 2012

My Personal Challenge

18 weeks yay! Now I just have to wait for 11 more days to find out what we're having.. I don't do well waiting.  I actually have no idea what to blog about today. I usually can come up with a little bit of things but today I have nothing.  My brain has decided to take a vacation.


Hey, I just had an idea! I have a very important resource for a homemaker that I started a few months ago.  I actually picked it back up yesterday. The thing I'm talking about is the Homemaking Binder. I love this thing. I have no idea why I left it alone... oh wait... I do..  I had it all written on notebook paper. It wasn't appealing at all. At least in my opinion. I hate my handwriting. So it didn't help that EVERYTHING was handwritten instead of just what I needed to do for the day.

Why did I pick it pack up? Because I managed to get the printer running again all by myself. {See Mr. I.T. Hubby Man I can learn from watching you!} Also, because I've been failing horribly in the homemaking part of my life. {Oops sorry sweetheart!}

 So I went onto google and searched under homemaking binder and just collected everything I could find printout wise that I wanted. After printing them out I reorganized my binder and asked Hubby to take me shopping tonight to get some more printer paper (I am now all out of the handful I did have) along with more sheet protesters and pens. So finally, I'm starting to get very happy with how it looks. This morning Hubs found me actually filling out the sheets on the bathroom floor when he got out of the shower.  He was very confused as to why I was until I reminded him that we had company sleeping on the couch and I didn't want to wake them up this early in the moring. (I love you Jack! Lol see look I did write about you!)

How did I get the idea to do this as a post? As I was looking for more things to put in my binder; I came across Motherhood on a Dime's post 30-Day Challenge: Home Management Binder.  She too was inspired by Flylady to make a 'Control Journal.' I love the Flylady but it just didn't keep my interest for long sadly. And this lady I found didn't use hers when she first started either and then picked it up again to work on it again. She then created the 30-day challenge to make her binder.  So I started thinking that I need to challenge myself and set myself a challenge involving my own binder.

Challenge: 'finish' and use my binder everyday in May. (At least the rest of May)

That seems like something I can do. For me personally I need to set a date to go to and if I make it I change the date to a later one. If I get to June then I will challenge myself to use it for that whole month. I really really hope to do this.

I just need to finish it. I have it mostly all set up or typed up when I ran out of paper. I just need to learn what sheets work best for me and my family. Mostly for me though, Hubs told me he doesn't want to mess anything up or even touch it (he even hates to touch my purse.)

It's pretty easy to make too! To make your own here is what you need:

  • Binder
  • Sheet protectors
  • Labels (I just made my own using scotch tape and cut up paper)
  • Page Divider (again I made my own using a sheet protector and the labels I made)
  • pencil pouch
I then made categories for everything:
  • In the front is my daily list for that day it includes: the date, today's goals, fitness plan for the day, reminds me to drink water and keeps track of how much I've had, to-dos for the day, appointments, a don't forget to spot, reminds me to take my vitamins, and the meal plan for the day
  • Next is my ongoing problems page. It allows me to keep track of problems, the contact info for the person I need to call about the problems, and the resolution, and follow up info.
  • I then have a 'Ways I can bless my Husband:' page. I write things that I think will bless my Hubs or show him the little ways I can show him I love him and respect him.
  • then I have my monthly goal plans for whatever we want to do or get done for that month.
  • Next is my schedules. I have an entire year calender, month by month calenders from my google calender printed out, and my page of daily prayers and Bible verses of the day for both as a wife and as a mother in a month format.
  • After that I have my inspiration pages. I have poems, pictures, articles, and Bible verses that inspire me to be better and to better my home.
  • Next up is my meal planning section.  I have my meal sheets, grocery lists (monthly and bi-monthly), freezer inventory, pantry inventory, favorite recipes, and recipes to try.
  • Next is my cleaning.  My weekly cleaning schedule, my master household supplies list, laundry stain cheat sheet, and a detailed list of my weekly cleaning with check boxes to mark them as I finish them.
  • Next up we have my 'Other' section that I haven't really organized yet. It has a travel packing checklist, camping checklist, patterns for my craft projects whenever I get my new sewing machine since my other two won't work
  • Following that is my contacts. Emergency numbers with our home address, important contacts (family, doctors, ect.) my entire contact list
  • baby planning: articles I liked and thought I needed to remember, size of the baby week-by-week for the Hubs (sweet potato right now), baby shower invite list for my friend, tips and facts for the second pregnancy, my hospital bag list, birth plan, bed rest ideas if I have to go onto bedrest again, funny things from my parenting magazines, Birthday Idea's for Princess, learning to swaddle (Princess hated it so just in case this one loves it), eating tips for nursing, things I want to buy, print outs my doctor gave us, ect.

That is all I have in my binder so far. Man that sounds like a lot but I'm one that has to do research and keep as much as I can I find important. 

Thank you for reading all this I know it seems like a lot but I will keep you updated on the progress I've made!

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