Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So Tired But Very Happy

Oh man am I tired I could just pass out here at the keyboard. So excuse me while I ramble and go on and on about nothing. I have no real topic in my mind today sorry.

 Elizabeth woke up four time last night after sleeping through the night the passed few weeks, and the dumpster garbage man woke her up again at 5:30 this morning and she was too scared to fall back asleep poor baby. 

I spent all morning doing chores and laundry. I've been such a bad homemaker. I really have been. 

I got new contacts yesterday! Sad news is my vision has gotten worse though. 

I haven't worn contacts since I was pregnant with Lily, so about four years ago.

Four years! My baby's going to be four!

My other baby is going to be one!

Where has the time gone!

I'm actually on here putting off doing the dishes and I really should get off and go do them. Our pastors might stop by this afternoon and one of Bryan's co-workers is coming over for dinner. So I really should get it done.

I have no idea what to cook at all. 

So I'm getting up and going to go find out.

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