Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'm Back and Hopefully Ready

After a break I desperately needed I'm back. FINALLY!

I had some drama go down and I needed to spend time with myself and my little family. As well as bring myself back up from where I was which was not a good place at all.

But I'm back and ready to try again.

I will tell you what happened when I'm ready and when we decide to tell anyone because I really don't know if anyone from my life reads this.

So anyways! HI! How are you all? I'm back for BEDA again so I can get into the swing of blogging again. I actually wasn't going to do it but at the last minute after careful consideration, I changed my my mind.

Also, I've decided I'm just going just put our first names on her anymore it gets tiresome to remember type out nicknames.

                              Lily was having fun with her monkey and Elizabeth's carseat

                                                  Lily dressing up and playing

                                                     Elizabeth's first ponytail

                     A week after she learned to crawl she was trying to pull herself up on things

                                          Which she learned a couple weeks later

I have more pictures but I don't want it to be picture heavy so I'll post them tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day!


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