Thursday, August 8, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me

I was told by one one my friends, when I told them I have no ideas on what to do on my blog, that I should do the 50 random things about me. So, because I had no other ideas, the girls are down for a nap, and the neighbors are taking a break from moving that I would do it. Though you probably don't care I'm going to do it anyway.

1} Though I went to live with my parents at 9 months old they couldn't adopt me until I was 16 years old.

2} I don't believe in global warming.

3} I'm double jointed.

4} I spoke English, Spanish, and French and was able to use sign language when I was in the 1st grade.

5} I can only speak English and I know only a handful of sign language anymore which makes me sad.

6} I don't have a favorite color.

7} I'm allergic to mustard.

8} I got a horse for Christmas in the 8th grade.

9} I'm addicted to notebooks.

10} I'm a list maker.

11} I don't know how to parallel park and they didn't even test for it in my driving test.

12} I got the highest grade in my child development baby think it over project {where you take a crying doll home and take care of it.}

13} I didn't graduate high school because my home tutor wouldn't turn in my work even though I did it and made copies of them all.

14} I missed half my 10th grade school year because I was too sick and they couldn't figure out what was wrong.

15} When I was in 1st grade everyday in class for half the year one of the boys would punch me in the arm.

16} I love my stretch marks but I hate my extra skin on my belly.

17} I hate the taste of water.

18} I wish I had the O.C.D. that I have to have everything clean.

19} I have to have the volume on the T.V. end in either a 5 or a 0.

20} I have to go a specific way into places and leave in a specific way.

21} I dislocated my pinky finger playing the flute.

22} My first kiss was stolen from me at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

23} I'm half Italian, and part English, Irish, and Native American.

24} Whenever I get a sunburn it only lasts at max 4 days.

25} I love animals more than most people.

26} I'm more afraid of earwigs than spiders.

27} I almost drowned when I was a kid.

28} I have such bad anxiety that I can get a companion animal.

29} I used to be so shy I would not play with other kids at school and just sat by the classroom door reading.

30} I didn't have any good friends until I turned 11.

31} When I was in middle school I would sell candy and made some good money.

32} I have abandonment issues.

33} I can't eat after people. Not even my husband or kids.

34} I love all kinds of music. From classic to some rap. There isn't a genre that I don't have at least one song or piece of music I don't like.

35} I'm 5'2"

36} I was born and raised in Bakersfield, CA and moved to UT in the last of my teen years.

37} Even though I hate it I'm a pack rat.

38} I'm the only child, middle child, and youngest child. {my biological father's only, my biological mother's middle, and my parent's youngest.}

39} I forgive easily.

40} I still have to sleep with my stuffed animal I had to sleep with as a kid.

41} I've played the piano and the flute.

42} I used to do ballet and acrobatics.

43} I never liked girly things until I was 19.

44} The only job I was fired from was because I had the stomach flu.

45} I'm afraid of water I can't see the bottom of.

46} I was accused of being anorexic by my adopted sister because I was 92lbs in high school even though I wasn't and ate every two hours {I was a grazer.}

47} I'm the shortest and the skinniest person in my family.

48} I was a drug baby.

49} I feel the prettiest when I'm pregnant.

50} I've seen several people actually die.

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