Thursday, November 1, 2012

{Happy {day after} Halloween!}

Happy {day after} Halloween everyone!  I hope everyone had a safe fun filled day {and night.} 

I had trouble choosing what to dress up as and what I should dress the girls as.. well Princess at least. Fairy has a sleeper I put her in with pumpkins and ghosts and other Halloween-y stuff on it. 

{Isn't she cute!!}

Buying a costume this year was hard as was making one. Our budget honestly wouldn't allow it.  So for Princess I just used some of her white clothes and a beanie I bought a few years ago and she was happily a Stormtrooper. With an added flower clip and we have one very cute Stormtrooper.

I just wore a random dress I had but we didn't get a picture of that Hubs is fired from taking pictures ever again lol.

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