Wednesday, November 14, 2012

{Thankful for Catch Up}

8 ~ I'm thankful for the roof we have over our head that protects us and shelters us.
9 ~ I'm thankful for the snow without it we wouldn't have much water during the summer.
10 ~ I'm thankful for baby swings without them I wouldn't be able to have time without holding Fairy
11 ~ I'm thankful for baby carriers without them I can hold Fairy and have my arms free to do chores
12 ~ I'm thankful for breast pumps without them I wouldn't get anything done and Hubs wouldn't be able to feed Fairy
13 ~ I'm thankful for Electricty without it I honestly would be a upset after a while of not being able to do anything at night.
14 ~ I'm thankful for being a saved christian

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