Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{Sick Days and Proud Moments}

Why is it that I sit down to blog when I'm sick? Have you noticed that? We {Fairy and I} have come down with a cold. It's so sad to hear her try to cry in a hoarse voice, and wake up in the morning hearing her difficulty breathing. Monday, I woke up with no voice at all and the past two mornings my throat was killing me.

Now onto the news about Fairy's heart.

We went to Primary Children's Hospital this morning, and spent the whole morning there. From 8:15a to 12:30p.

They checked her blood oxygen levels, her blood pressure, did an EKG, and an echocardiogram.

It was so hard seeing her go through all of this. Hubs unfortunately couldn't make it due to meetings he couldn't get out of. Thankfully, one of my long time friends came with me so I wasn't alone.

Fairy was also given a really soft, nice blanket for doing so well during the hour long echo. She loves it so much.

She's had suck a hard day and she handled it with such class. I'm so proud of her.

As it turns out her heart is perfect. In fact, her heart is very strong and robust that it's the blood flow that they all heard.

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