Monday, October 1, 2012

{New Baby Means New Cleaning Routine}

Since having Fairy our home has been a complete mess and really really needs love.  I really need to relearn how to keep everything up and in order.  So far I haven't learned anything helpful in that aspect; however, I have learned my new best friend at the moment are yoga pants and stretchy jeans {for when I want to feel more human} I bought before I got pregnant. Sadly those aren't helpful in the cleaning and maintaining of the home.

So today I sat down and I'm working on, as I type this actually, different ways and ideas on how to do it.  I really hope I can do this.  Thankfully Princess is a helper {sometimes} and likes to put clothes into the dryer and into the hamper.

I'm sorry I don't have anything yet to share as it's still in draft form.  But I will keep you all updated as I fine tune it.

Now onto pictures for my family, friends, and those who care lol.

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