Monday, October 15, 2012

{Post #100}

{how I'm feeling today}

to start off this isn't too exciting honestly

Here we go! We have reached post #100!! So I thought it would be a great time to start blogging more often again. I'm sorry that I've neglected this blog and you guys as well.

So here I am trying to figure out what to do for this special post. Nothing is coming to mind at all.  So Hubs told me to do a post on our house hunting adventure. I thought 'Yeah I should!' 

But where do I start? What do I say? Do I start with saying 'Hey! We're house hunting!' but then what else?

Most of what I would say would be that it's such a big pain in the rear to be perfectly honest.  One day I spent from the time I woke up to when we went to bed just looking for a house we would even be willing to look at let alone want to move into ourselves. Especially with a toddler and a newborn.

After a couple months of just looking online we finally decided to actually take the plunge to actually look at one in person.  I saw the pictures of it online we talked about it all day. Talked to the realitor all day trying to find out if we could go in and look. He couldn't get a hold of the homeowner or their realitor most of the day then at 6:30p just after we finished eating dinner we got a call saying we can look at it at 7p. After a mad dash trying to get everyone in the car for the half hour drive to get to the house I'm proud to say we were only a few minutes late by the grace of God.

It was a nice place it really was. It just wasn't for us it was way too small and crowded and that was without anything really in it as they were almost all moved out. 

The day after that we found another we wanted to look at. We LOVED the yard if we had to option to throw out the house and put a new one on it I would for sure have taken it up.  It was a fixer not as bad as I've seen in my life {and I've seen quite a few} but with the price for it it just wasn't worth it.

The front door had been kicked in causing the door jam needing to be fixed.  The carpets all needed to be replaced.  One entire room needed to be redone before we even moved the girls in there. Half the roof needs to be replaced. Along with a deep clean to get all of the previous owners stuff they left there out and have the place scrubbed down.  It just wasn't worth the price and we would have only been one of the back up offers anyway.

So we're going to keep looking and saving.  And looking and saving some more. 

I will even admit if I can't fall back asleep after feedings or if Fairy just doesn't want to sleep at night I'm on my phone looking for places to check out.

Another note this week my Little Fairy is going to be a month old!
She's still fitting newborn clothes but she's out of preemie sleepers because of her long legs but her preemie onsies still fit her.
{Princess tucked in 'Little Stister'}

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