Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another new day

Hey guys! I hope everyone is going well.  Princess has a cold sadly. Having a sick two year old isn't fun.  But blessedly both my husband and I haven't got it yet.  Anyway I'm sitting here today trying to get myself motivated to clean. I got a lot of cleaning done yesterday but not as much as I wanted to.  So here I am blogging and listening to tips on homemaking and organizing on youtube and on I wasn't raised really to be a homemaker even though it's what I wanted to do when I was little and growing up. I was raised but my Grandparents but they're my Parents to me even before they adopted me. Anyway, my mom has worked as long as she can remember she says and when I was growing up she was a nurse so I never got the chance to learn the tricks of the trade.  So thankfully with the help of the internet I'm learning lol.  One tip I've learned is that I get more done and have more energy whenever I get dressed in the mornings (however today not so much oddly enough) and that I feel better about myself. I actually started a list of rooms and places to organize today so and started in on a chore chart so I guess today isn't that big of a waste lol. I'm also on my last load of laundry but I've been putting off folding it so I'm staring at a big pile of clean clothes in the living room.

We moved into our own apartment in September but I have yet to get the master room and Princess's room unpacked and organized and I'm kinda worried about Princess's room to be honest because we're going to get her into her toddler bed when I get her room together and I have no idea what I should take out of her room and what not. So anyway I'm going to sign off for now and try to get my rambling under control as well as the laundry lol.

See you next time!

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