Monday, December 2, 2013

Here We Go!

Alright! So I'm finally allowed to tell you guys! We told the family and everyone on facebook. So now it's your turn! I'm pregnant with Jelly Baby #3!

Lily's so excited about another baby again! Elizabeth, well, she doesn't really understand or care. As long as I hold her she's happy lol.

I'm 7 weeks along and we couldn't be happier.

While I was taking the picture for the announcement Lily kept posing fot the camera. She's my little model that's for sure. I wanted to do all but the announcement, from the pictures I took, to be black and white. Mainly for two reasons:

  1. Because I was taught to edit and work with black and white photos first.
  2. Because I thought that the announcement would stand out more.

I had to keep this one she's just so cute out of all the posing she was doing this was one of the cutest things. I loved that I got something she didn't pose for.

Elizabeth was so excited to be outside and playing with leaves that I just had to follow her around and shot the pictures.

This was my favorite picture  of her.

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