Friday, December 7, 2012

{November Favorites}

Hey guys! I thought this would be fun to do.  I've created a list of my fall favorites that we liked.

TV shows/movies:

  • 'Once Upon a Time'
  • 'Elementary'
  • 'Dr. Who'
  • 'Sherlock'
  • 'Supernatural'


  • Dancing Waters Triple Moisture Shower Cream from Bath and Body Works
  • Tea, tea, and more tea {I've mostly been drinking Peppermint because I was sick though}
  • Strawberry Poptarts {frosted of course} have been our {mine and Hubs} favorite snack and have been eating them like crazy
Random Items:
  • blow dryer {Oh my goodness has it been my best friend this past month because I can't stop Princess from coloring on the walls with crayon}
  • The Mei Tai baby carrier {Fairy LOVES to be in it and I love to be able to do things hands free.  I even too her shopping with me on black friday in it. Thankfully it wasn't crazy here at all.}
  • my hat thing that Princess was wearing in Wordless Wednesday
  • My new eternity scarf

Princess {toddler}:
TV shows/Movies:

  • John Wayne movies are her favorite ones ever
  • 'Baby Einsteins' 
  • Oddly enough she loves to watch 'Sherlock' too.
  • "Friends'
  • any form of chapstick
  • Those Beech Nut Purees to go pouches {she refuses to eat any form of veggies but with these I can give her the ones with the veggies in it and she'll eat it. Score for Mommy!}
  • Peppermint water! {This helped so so much with her upset stomach. You get some candy canes or peppermint candy crush them up and put them in a cup of hot water and stir it until it's melted and give it to them to drink. Our old Ped. told us about it when Princess was a couple months old before he retired. I love the old school Dr.'s}
  • A Marie from 'The Aristocats' stuffed animal

Fairy {newborn}:


  • Pamper's diapers have been amazing with her {with Princess it was Huggies instead}
  • MAM binkies! {she can't get enough of them}
  • Advent binkies {only if she can't get a MAM}
  • Her Graco bouncy seat {it doesn't work so we have to manually bounce it but hey at least we get a work out from it}
  • Her blanket she got from Primary Children's Hospital
  • Swaddleme's
  • swaddling blankets
  • Carter's footy sleepers

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