Thursday, December 13, 2012

{Christmas Madness}

Oh man have we been busy.  On sunday we went to my In-Law's and had cookie making day. Princess had so much fun playing with her cousins. Fairy even got to get her hands in the cookie dough for her first cookie day handprints.

However, that night I got a text from our neighbor in our building asking if we've heard water running lately in our apartment. Which we haven't and I told her that. Apparently, the neighbors directly below us had a pocket of water in their ceiling! 

So, they turned off the water to the building and had a plumber come out thankfully we didn't have to drag the girls out into the cold and drive the 20 minutes back to let in the plumber to check out our pipes, and the 20 minutes back to the In-Laws to spend the night {the whole not having water thing.} So, yay that problem got fixed.

House hunting is horrible in this time of year too I've noticed. We've been looking at getting a house closer to Hub's work so it's less money we're spending on gas, because $60 a week is outrageous. Thankfully also, on days he doesn't have to go in early he's been car pooling. It's been fantastic on saving money.

Tomorrow is his company Christmas party and I am kind of excited.  I get to wear my new formal gown I had to buy because I didn't have anything other than my wedding dress and old prom dresses that don't fit. {It's hard to remember those days when I was a size 0 *sigh* lol}

I think I spent about $127 {heart attack!} on my entire outfit {shoes, slip, ect.} and a couple outfits for the girls, along with a couple other things for them. Where as I found a dress I really really wanted to get for about the same price but just the dress.

So far also, the past couple days I've been non stop deep cleaning and getting ready for Christmas.  So deep cleaning where if I didn't know better I'd think I was pregnant and nesting again {which I'm not!} lol. 

Got to go though break time is over and the laundry is ready to get transferred.

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