Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chirstmas Time

Gah! It's Christmas time! I've been ready for Christmas since before Halloween.  However, I have next to nothing put up for Christmas other than a wreath that My Hubs' company sent us (that was so sweet). Everything else is either still on boxes or haven't been baought yet (like the tree!) Hopefully we're going to buy it on the 16th along with a tree skirt (no time to make one right now).... and lights.... and the base... What are you talking about I'm prepared. Yeah right like anyone would believe that lol!

Seriously A Homemaker (love her!) has a really pretty matle that I just LOVE and it's not a traditional Christmas green and red, however it is red, but I'm not alway one for tradition. and she said she didn't go shopping for it and that she just "shopped" around her house.  Here is the mantle isn't it pretty?

Make it and Love it has a ton of fun tutorials for christmas also! She uses her Silhouette alot and I really wish I have one but it isn't going to happen anytime soon. Here are some of her projects: framed wall vinylStockingstree skirt,and burlap stockings.

I'm running out of time now before Lily starts demanding for iCarly, believe it or not it was my husband who got her addicted to it, and I still need to finnish folding the laundry lol. So tata for now!

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